7 Activities to do on Father’s Day

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Father’s day is nearly here, so it’s time to celebrate on this special occasion. The 21st June is the day you may give him a special unique card or shower him with some gifts. Spending the day with his loved ones is going to be the best way for him to spend it that’s for sure, so why not think of some events he’ll be sure to enjoy. 

Now, the coronavirus outbreak may make things a little difficult, it doesn’t stop you from organising outdoor activities, plan some outdoor hiking or even a picnic. Whether it’s an indoor plan or outdoor, here is a list of activities you could arrange for him to enjoy the day. 


Men like to satisfy that primal urge, the fact that they have caught there own dinner gives them a high level of satisfaction. In summer it’s a great way to relax and overstrain. It’s a brilliant way for him to stay focused with his rod and enjoy the day. 


Some foods are made for a picnic, sandwiches, bowl of salad, bread rolls and don’t forget some wine. Dad would probably love this better than a hurried restaurant indoors (well its isolation time so I suppose not). Get him to spend time with the family and get some ball games out as well. 


There is nothing better for the mind and body than cycling. Don’t get him to overdo it, just enjoy the scenery. There are plenty of biking trails you could take him down. Instead of using cars and increasing your carbon footprint, this will be a great way for him to do his bit for the environment. Best of all it’s FREE!


Now, this can be done in conjunction with a picnic or fishing outlined above. Food preparation and cooking becomes a social event, invite his friends as well. With a lot less to clear up in comparison to being in the kitchen, this will probably be the most popular option. Don’t forget to get the beer out (if he drinks). 


This is a must, whether he is an amateur or a professional. Golf alleviates stress and is great exercise especially if it’s 18 holes. If he hasn’t played before he’ll be able to learn new skills or sharpen up on old ones. Find a local place and make sure they are open during these strange times. 


During evolution, men have typically been hunters and have been known to be better navigators. Camping mixes these traits into one, what better way than to enjoy summer than to pitch a tent, get a barbeque going and enjoy the outdoors. This will give dad the feeling of freedom and simplicity. Exploring somewhere new will be a priority for the explorer that he is. 


Some people say brunch is the best meal of the day. Is it breakfast or lunch? It’s both. Typically eaten at the weekend, it gives the euphoria of having time off work. Alcohol is usually allowed which makes it even more appealing, as it takes place between 11am-12pm, it gives you a chance to have a lie in. This is totally time-saving as it is a combination of two meals. He’ll Love it!

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